It’s no secret anymore- LinkedIn is the #1 place to generate new B2B leads for your business. LinkedIn is great for this not only because it is free (assuming you do not use the Sales Navigator plan) but it is a professional networking platform, so people are actually expecting to create new business connections when they log on.

Having these prospects at your fingertips is great and all, but how do you convert your LinkedIn connections to sales? Do you take a nurturing approach or a more direct one? Everyone has their preference, and success with each strategy is dependent on your particular business and prospect. No matter which approach you use, we can all agree on one thing: capturing the attention of the intended prospect is of utmost importance.

What better way to capture attention than to use video? Video is not only the best form of media for keeping someone engaged, but it is a great way to show your prospects that you are more than just messages on a screen. Record a personalized message introducing yourself to create a more human connection for them. This will deepen your connections with your prospects and help you stand out in their inbox.

When recording a personalized message, I like to mention the name and company of the prospect. This way, it is very evident that your message was created just for them and not just a generic sales pitch. If you find something interesting on their profile, include that in your message also. For example, “I see you are from Columbus- me too! I’d be open to connecting over a cup of coffee if you’re interested.”

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So you’ve got the lingo down, but maybe you still don’t know how to use video in a LinkedIn message? It’s easy using AutoVideoEngage. Record your message, insert your call-to-action, click “accept”, and voila! A URL for you to copy and paste into your direct message will appear. When this URL is pasted into a LinkedIn message, an animated preview of your video will appear for your prospect to click on. When clicked, they will be sent to a landing page with your recorded video, along with your company’s branding, and clickable call-to-action buttons. I like to insert my calendar link into my video to streamline the process of booking a meeting with prospects and increase the number of discovery calls. To see an example of a video message in action, check out the video I created on our YouTube channel:

Using our video platform to communicate via video is different than recording a video on your phone and uploading it somewhere. For one, using our video message tool completely eliminates the problem of file size issues. Have you ever tried to send a video via email? It’s almost impossible. Not with Video Message.

It would almost be criminal to forget to mention one key feature within the AutoVideoEngage platform: tracking. Every video message comes with its own live tracking. You can see who has played your message, how many times the video has been played, and even at what time it was last viewed. Knowing when your LinkedIn lead has viewed your video message is an important part of your nurturing strategy.

To sum everything up, video is the best way to stand out in your prospects’ inboxes. No one wants to connect with someone and immediately be bombarded with long paragraph messages. Put everything you want to say into a video message. It comes across as a lot more personal, and a lot less like a pitch!

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