Capture a Story Videos

Story Videos Highlight your Expertise

What is a Capture a Story Video?

Our Capture a Story tool allows you to create a video like a case study. Use this to create a guided review of your products or services. Simply send an email request for a Capture a Story video, and your recipient will have 30 seconds to respond to each of your customized prompts. The AutoVideoEngage technology will piece together each recording into one cohesive story video.


Customize each of the three story topics and send to your recipient


Once the responses have been submitted, add your branding, background music, and Call-to-Action


Click “Accept” and download your produced Capture a Story video to use in your social media, website, business page, and more

Story Videos are perfect for:

Outlining your company’s success or effectiveness

Providing prospects and existing customers with stories that prove your company’s credibility and results

Adding authenticity to your communication

Enhancing strategic relationships


Take a look at how simple it is to create a Story Video with