Capture Their Experience with Video Testimonials

AutoVideoEngage Easily Captures
Video Testimonials

What is a Video Testimonial?

Video Testimonials are the ultimate form of brand review. Bringing written praises to life gives customers the trust and confidence they are looking for in a product or service. 

How to Use Our Video Testimonials Feature?


Identify a client you would like to hear from


Send them a request through to their email


The recipient will get an email link with guided instructions and submit their testimonial from their smartphone, tablet, or computer


Every AVE account comes with a customizable video review page


Collect even more customer videos by embedding your video review page into your website, or paste the URL into your email campaigns, social media and more…

EASY AS 1,2,3

Creating standout video testimonials has never been easier

1. Identify & Request

Identify the person who will be providing you with a video testimonial and send them a request through your account.

2. Record & Submit

They click on the email link, record their testimonial using their Phone, Tablet or Computer, submit then they’re done!

3. Make Magic & Share

Your logo, music & a call-to-action is automatically added and you have a fully produced video testimonial ready to share!

It’s really that easy

AutoVideoEngage will apply its magic by automatically adding a company logo, background music, and a call-to-action at the end and provide you with a finished video, ready for social sharing.

An excellent video testimonial can ….

Allow your prospects to experience an emotional connection with your brand

Build trust and credibility with
social proof

Help your business to increase sales


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